SCRAP Releases Poll Of Virginia GOP Voters

Richmond, VA (9-26-16) - Today, the State Conservative Reform Action PAC (SCRAP) released a poll of 800 Virginia GOP Primary Voters surveying Republican views of former Governor Bob McDonell and previewing the 2017 Republican Primary for statewide offices.

SCRAP Chairman Chris Jankowski issued the following statement:

"Our poll shows that former Governor Bob McDonnell enjoys a positive image, 57% of those polled have a favorable view of him, nearly doubling the 24% with an unfavorable view. When asked how they viewed the ethics scandal that resulted in a jury conviction overturned unanimously by the Supreme Court, almost 80% responded that regardless of ethical concerns no criminal activity occurred. While not condoning what occurred, it is clear that the majority of Virginia Republicans are judging Governor McDonnell on the totality of his public service.

"Looking ahead to 2017, Ed Gillespie has the advantage in the GOP Gubernatorial Primary with 38% of the vote ahead of Rob Wittman at 12% and all others in the single digits. As a result of a narrow loss in the 2014 U.S. Senate race, Gillespie enjoys high name ID at 87% and a strong image among Republican primary voters with 44% viewing him favorably and only 7% unfavorably. Gillespie also shows strong leads among key GOP groups: 44% of very conservative voters and 48% of those who identify strongly with the Tea Party.

"For Virginia’s other statewide races in 2017, GOP voters showed the races for lieutenant governor and attorney general are wide open with all candidates not well known. In the LG race, Jill Vogel shows slight leads over Glenn Davis but both are regionally strong in the Northern Virginia and Norfolk areas, respectively. A large majority, 66%, of voters remain uncommitted in the LG race. In the AG race Rob Bell shows only a slight advantage over John Adams despite a previous run for the seat. Bell shows 31% name identification vs. Adams' 23%. Due to the higher name identification Bell shows a slight lead of 16% to 11% for Adams on the ballot but 69% of voters are undecided in the AG race."


The State Conservative Reform Action PAC (SCRAP) is a Super PAC with a successful history of winning Republican primaries across the country. This year alone, SCRAP, was a key outside group in support of Josh Hawley's campaign for Missouri Attorney General in the most expensive Republican primary for attorney general ever. To date SCRAP has spent over 1.4 million dollars on independent expenditures and has compiled an undefeated record. In addition to Hawley, SCRAP was a key supporter of Scott Taylor in his Virginia congressional primary and in the 2014 defeat of Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.