Announcement of Independent Expenditure

Richmond, VA (6-22-16) State Conservative Reform Action PAC (SCRAP) announces $1 million independent expenditure opposing self-described “moderate” Kurt Schaefer; supporting the true Constitutional conservative Josh Hawley.

Today the State Conservative Reform Action PAC launched an independent expenditure campaign to oppose Senator Kurt Schaefer in the Republican Primary for Attorney General, focusing on Schaefer’s support for legislation that allowed a Chinese company to own Missouri farmland and support for another bill that will make it easier for the Chinese or any foreign company to buy more Missouri farmland. The company is also a client of Schaefer’s law firm and Schaefer himself has represented them in court as well as accepted $30,000 in campaign contributions from their U.S. subsidiary company.

“Kurt Schaefer sold out Missouri farmers and our country by allowing this Chinese company to own Missouri farmland. I wish this was the only flaw in his record, but a close look at his record reveals support for higher taxes, exploding government spending, and repeated ethical issues while in office,” said SCRAP Chairman Chris Jankowski. 

Kurt Schaefer is a self-described moderate Republican who:

“Maybe Kurt Schaefer isn't a self-described moderate Republican - maybe he is still the liberal Democrat he used to be when he was an attorney for Democratic Governor Jay Nixon and sought a judicial nomination from the 13th Circuit Democratic Committee,” offers Jankowski. 
State Conservative Reform Action PAC ("SCRAP") is a Virginia based federal super PAC that is devoted to conservative, economic, and fiscal reform at the state level. SCRAP makes expenditures to support state candidates who are dedicated to lowering taxes and reforming government by promoting policies of economic growth, innovative entrepreneurship, and job creation. 

SCRAP’s video ad and documentation of these charges can be found on our website:


If you have any questions, please call (804) 339-7106, e-mail Chris Jankowski at, or contact SCRAP by regular mail Attn: J. Christopher Jankowski, 2310 W. Main Street, Suite 308, Richmond, VA 23220. The State Conservative Reform Action PAC’s website is